Naxos Town

As the capital of the island, Chora offers all contemporary comforts and a plenty of services whereas has a rich market, many entertainment options, restaurants, ouzo taverns and is ideal for walking both the narrow streets with whitewashed houses and the seaside street, full of life.

In Naxos town you could find traditional character and beautiful beaches. In the most impressive beach of Naxos Town, Saint George, you will find the Naxos Resort Beach Hotel.


Temple of Apollona - Portara

When the ship approaches the beautiful port of Naxos, the first impression you get will always remain in your mind. Your gaze will be captivated by the gigantic marble gate of Portara, a remnant of the temple of Apollona, which was never completed. The most famous "door" of the Cyclades, the Portara is one of the greater monuments of Naxos that register the rich historical past and impress with their magnificence.

Unique and impressive, imposing Portara standing for centuries on the small island "Palaces" is always open to visitors who flock to capture it in a photo, bathed by the light of sunset.


The Castle of Naxos

Going up to the Castle of Chora, built by Marco Sanudo in 1207, and wandering around the stone paved alleys of the mediaeval settlement you will feel like travelling in past times; a unique experience.

Walk in the steep alleys, marvel at the Venetian mansion houses, stare out over the monument of Portara and feel some of the magic of that time that is preserved “intact” within the Castle.